Locked Chastity

Chastity is a state of mind ...and body


Chastity Device Manufacturers  

Companies which design and manufacture Chastity Devices for Men and/or Women.


BELTS- Male and Female

Carrera Designs | http://www.carrara-designs.be/

Chastity Steel (in German) | http://www.chastitysteel.com/

Gerecke (in German) | http://www.gerecke-kg.de/

Latowski (in German) | http://www.latowski.de

My Steel | http://www.my-steel.de/

Neosteel | http://www.neosteel.de/

Reinholds Protective Underwear  (out of business)

Tollyboy | http://www.tollyboy.com/

Chastity Belts USA| http://www.chastitybeltsusa.com

Locked in Steel | http://www.lockedinsteel.com/

FancySteell | http://www.fancysteel.com.au/   ( NEW)


CB-6000 | AL Enterprises (Also makes the CURVE and CB-3000)  | http://www.cb-6000.com/ 

Birdlocked | http://www.birdlocked.com/

Club Fem (in French) | http://www.clubfem.com/ 

Dream Lover Labs | http://www.dreamloverlabs.com/

ExoBelt | http://www.exobelt.com/

Kept for Her (CB Series Parts) |  http://www.keptforher.com


Cages/Penis Devices

Mature Metal | http://www.maturemetal.com/

Mistress Lori's Chastity Tube | http://www.chastitytube.com/

Canada Steelwerks Extreme | http://www.steelwerksextreme.com/

Steel Pleasures | http://www.steelpleasures.co.uk/ 

mh-design  http://www.edelstahl-kg.de/

Lustlock | http://www.lustlock.com/

Germany Steerworxx | http://www.steelworxx.de/

The Cock Trap | http://www.malechastitynow.com/CockTrap.html


Other Devices

Träume aus Edelstahl | http://www.traeume-aus-edelstahl.de/english/ 

Penis Plugs Ablaze  http://penisplugsablaze.com

If there is a manufacture you feel is not listed please contact Admin. Thank you!


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